Your membership of Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc.  is your passport to a world of professional opportunity.
Creating Opportunities

By taking your place as a member of the business leader community you open the door to success.
We are pleased to offer you an abundance of opportunities to fortify your armoury of professional strengths, resources, skills, information, and contacts.

Benefits Oriented

Our members occupy the center of Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. . Responding to your enterprise  needs and priorities tailors our member-centered service Information regarding individual member business needs and priorities drives our tailored service delivery. 
 Your self-scheduled program of regular meetings with our highly skilled, discreet staff will provide you with an exclusive ensemble of solutions.
All of our members enjoy a benefits portfolio of personalized networking, strategic business linking, facilitation of strategic alliances, education, industry advocacy, special events, lunches with eminent international and national guest speakers, and Executive Briefings for targeted business and industry groups.
Here at Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc., we put individual member priorities first. 

Strategic Business Links

Accurate, timely and targeted information is crucial to informing successful enterprise.
Our bank of productive relationships with individuals and organizations of influence enables us to stay informed about the latest developments in business and industry. Here at Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. , we use our information pathways to support your individual enterprise aspirations.
To maintain your position as an accomplished business leader and informed decision maker, we protect your position by ensuring that you are actively engaged in the flow of strategic information.
We support your decision making by rapidly responding to emerging market and public policy issues so that you have access to the latest information about factors which impact on your operations.
Our Executive Briefings are a powerful resource in positioning your receipt of information and your influence over outcomes.
If your preferred course of action requires collaboration then we at Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc.  are well placed to facilitate the formation of strategic alliances to enable you to achieve mutually beneficial results and to fortify your competitive advantage.

Meet Industry Leaders

Our community of business achievers across the world is engaged in the endeavour of achieving and sharing success.
We provide endless opportunities for our members to interact with one another, to share ideas and explore venture possibilities.
We invite you to take your place in the business landscape. Be sure to submit your profile to the bank of professional presence on this web site at My Profile.
 Your colleagues from other sectors and countries will want to meet with you and share wisdom, experience, strategic concerns and issues of interest.
Professional friendship is a priceless yet powerful gift awaiting you in our dynamic enterprise community.
So too, do we invite you to identify potential colleagues and enterprise partners who are eminent in their respective field from our formidable profile of exceptional achievers. 
 We encourage you to make the most of the opportunities we offer you to search our on-line members bank to request a meeting with your business achiever of choice.
All you need to do is provide us with your request details in the form provided.

Independent Advocate

As a business achiever who makes an important and on-going contribution to the economic health of the communities you serve, your views on key enterprise matters merit recognition.
Here at 
Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. , we activate our position as a strong, independent business advocate to spotlights your expressed priorities so that all levels of government and other key organizations are actively engaged in addressing these priorities and communicating your preferred futures to the broader community.
Your membership of the Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. community ensures that your influence on governance and enterprise continues to be heard.
Here at Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. , we listen to you. We respond to you. We position your success.