Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. is a non-government and non-profit international organisation founded by Mrs. Cheng Jie in July 2009 in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.


Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. was established with the mission - Exchange, Collaboration, Development, Welfare and Charity. It aims to provide a high-level exchange dialogue and platform for the enterprise, experts and scholars of Australia and China. It endeavours to strengthen the economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange and development between two countries, through charity for the social welfare of communities.


Through the strong established network with the political, business and academic collaboration, Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. will provide necessary services to the enterprises of Australia and China for their increasing economic and cultural exchange and cooperation. Currently, Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. has attracted a number of enterprises in mineral resources, agricultural, environmental science and technology, real estate, cultural exchange, education, tourism, media and other industries in Australia and China, enhancing its resource network and service platform.


Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. organises annual meetings, seminars and academic forums to discuss the economic and social development of Australia, China and the world, including major issues in the area of finance, trade, investment, environment, culture and education in order to facilitate and promote the economic, trade and investment cooperation between Australian and Chinese enterprises.


Australia-China Chamber of CEO Inc. expends its network by setting up branches in Sydney and Melbourne of Australia, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Dalian of China to improve its resource network and service platform.


CEOs from enterprises with insight are welcome to join us and work together for the economic, trade, cultural exchange and development for Australia and China and their relationship.